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About Art With Little Pics

Art With Little Pics is children and women's art classes in West London, W4. I believe everyone is creative, everyone can be an artist. The classes teach art history alongside technique. They celebrate diversity in the art world, and include cultural holidays as part of the curriculum. I offer an encouraging, inclusive environment that focuses on positivity and mental wellbeing

Each term explores new artists, artwork and materials (see this term's artists). I provide everything needed for the class, so students just have to turn up and let their imaginations run wild. 

A series of photos of Celia wearing a t-shirt that says, "Let them be creative"

Hi, I'm Celia!

Hello! I'm Celia Pickering, an artist from Birmingham, now living in Chiswick, West London. I create and sell my own art, @celiamartinepickering, and have been a part of the Battersea Affordable Arts Fair raising money for Arts for Dementia. 


With two kids - twins - of my own, I always incorporated art into daily life knowing how much it benefits children in their development from a young age. 

I founded Art With Little Pics in 2009 when I started running art classes in Chiswick alongside my childminding work. What started as weekly drop-in session grew quickly to after school clubs and preschool classes. Now Art With Little Pics also includes adults, because art is important at any age!

I am an Ofstead qualified childminder, qualified TA and Art Teacher and have trained in Art Therapy. I have worked in schools in West London, developing art projects and programmes alongside curriculum themes. 

The importance of art

I teach through the great masters of art, venturing from classical forms to impressionism and pop art. Children learn art history each week by focusing on a new artist, and they create their own masterpieces inspired by iconic work.

The classes are varied, giving kids access to different materials and techniques. I give positive feedback which encourages the children to be confident and proud of their finished works of art. 

Art can help in all areas of learning and development, and it’s evident in Art With Little Pics classes where I see:

  • Concentration

  • Problem solving

  • Spatial reasoning

  • Fine motor skills

  • Observation skills

  • Confidence

  • Creative thinking

  • Mindfulness

  • Self expression

Art is a wonderful tool for caring and improving mental health, and it is important to me to also support and promote other organisations that focus on mental wellbeing within the West London community. Learn more about these organisations.

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importance of art
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