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This term's artists

Find out which the artists, artworks and materials children in the after school art clubs will focus on this term:

Week 1

Genre: Portrait

Artist: Henri Matisse

Title: Portrait of Madame Matisse

Material: Sharpie and Pencil

Week 4

Genre: Chinese Art

Artist: Pu Zuo

Title: Flower and Birds

Material: Pen & Waterolour

Week 2

Genre: Nature

Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe

Title: Red Hill and White Shell

Material: Mixed Media

Week 5

Genre: Pop Art

Artist: Joseph Beuys

Title: Suit Jacket

Material: Pencil and Sharpies

Week 3

Genre: Post Impressionism

Artist: Henri Rousseau

Title: Tiger in the Storm

Material: Mixed Media

Week 6

Genre: Street Art

Artist: ROA

Title: Heron

Material: Mixed Media

Art With Little Pics tries to focus each week on a different genre or media. I always ask the children to let me know which artist or artwork they would like to cover in the following term. I would also love to hear from parents about a favourite masterpiece they would like their children to learn about. I choose artwork that will expose the children to different ways to learn and be creative. 

Each lesson starts with the students reading about the artist and an open discussion on the artwork and artist. The children always start their artwork with a sketch using pencil which encourages practicing and making mistakes. We work on A3 art paper or card.  

(Note: As the teacher I may choose to change the subject or material to benefit the children in my class. This could be because I see in a previous lesson some students would benefit from further developing particular techniques, such as using a certain material or to focusing on a new creative skill.) 

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