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Child drawing a sad portrait on construction paper

Talk and Draw (T.A.D.)

Art and Talk therapy sessions for nursery and primary school children. A safe space to talk.

  • 1 h
  • £60 per session

Class description

Talk and Draw (T.A.D.) therapy provides primary school and early years children a proactive way to support themselves when they are struggling with trauma or underlying emotional difficulties that affect their learning and behaviour. Celia homes is safe, quiet and comfortable space to be creative and talk. Just like other appointments, children can attend these appointments during school hours as apart of their wellbeing and mental health. Many schools encourage these sessions as it contributes to their learning. "My son‘s teacher recommended Celia’s talk and draw session. My son was struggling at school and making friendships but Celia has allowed him to open up about things and he seems much happier." - parent of T.A.D. student Children who are dealing with worry, anxiety, fear, grief or rejection or who are going through difficult relationship or friendship problems along with many other experiences can benefit from T.A.D. sessions. Each session encourages the child to find their own creativity with the materials, media and ideas provided. They have the opportunity to express their emotions in a safe and healthy way through their art, getting them more comfortable about their feelings. Art provides an opportunity for mindfulness, wellbeing, mental health and relaxation which over time can then help children process their feelings and lead to more positive behaviour and engagement with school. T.A.D. sessions should be available for all students, on the request of a parent or carer, or requested by a student’s teacher with permission from their parents or carer. T.A.D. sessions can be with an individual or a group. They need to be held in a quiet, clean and appropriate space. These sessions can be held at home, a school or nursery or at my studio, so long as it is a quiet, clean and appropriate space. I provide all of the materials needed and will create a plan that will suit the student’s abilities and needs. To book a T.A.D. session, select your desired date and fill in the booking form. I will then get in touch to discuss what you need and make arrangements, and we can also add a series of sessions if that is desired. **Please note that filling in the form is only a provisional booking. Your booking will be complete once we have spoken and a full payment is made. The fee listed is for a one to one session. Group sessions are £25.00 per child with a minimum of 3 children, maximum of 6.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately due to preparation time, art materials and supplies, rental costs and limited availability, my classes, workshops and clubs are nonrefundable. I am happy to transfer the funds to other classes and clubs, if I have availability. Please view the upcoming classes and contact me ( if you need to transfer existing classes.

Class location

  • Grove Park Terrace, London W4 3JL, UK

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