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Mental wellbeing in the community

Art is a wonderful tool for improving mental wellbeing. All of my art classes have an element of wellness, promoting a calm, nurturing and positive environment for both children and adults alike. There are other wonderful organisations that provide confidence-building and teamwork, and are a great outlet to improve mental health. This page lets people in the West London community find other positive activity club providers - jump down to read more.

The importance of art

I teach through the great masters of art, venturing from classical forms to impressionism and pop art. Children learn art history each week by focusing on a new artist, and they create their own masterpieces inspired by iconic work.

The classes are varied, giving kids access to different materials and techniques. I give positive feedback which encourages the chidlren to be confident and proud of their finished works of art. 

Art can help in all areas of learning and development, and it’s evident in Art With Little Pics classes where I see:

  • Concentration

  • Problem solving

  • Spatial reasoning

  • Fine motor skills

  • Observation skills

  • Confidence

  • Creative thinking

  • Mindfulness

  • Self expression

Child working on a picture using oil pastels
importance of art

Local activity providers that care

Below are West London child activity and club providers who do the extra bit to care for children physically and mentally. All services have been vetted by Celia (Art With Little Pics). This page will be updated periodically.


Blue Moon Academy offers football and holiday camps for children age 3 - 16, as well as community health and well-being classes for adults. Their aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle through sport.

Wendy Frost

Wendy Frost is an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT, diploma) combined with Child Psychology (Level 3 with high distinction). 


She specialises in anxiety, trauma, relationships, depression, panic attacks, coping mechanisms and addiction.

She works with adults, children, families and adolescents and is based In Chiswick, with a calming, dedicated therapy room.

07711 187808

local providers
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