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A child colouring in a picture with marker. the picture says, "I prefer living in colour"

Art With Little Pics

Art classes in West London for children and for their grown-ups.

child painting a collage picture of trees

Art With Little Pics classes give your children an encouraging space to be creative, learn and express themselves, using their own imagination and famous artists as inspiration.


Children learn so much through art, from fine motor skills and spacial reasoning to mindfulness and emotive expression. Learn more about the benefits of art for all ages.

Let them be creative!

"Celia has always thought of new ways of exploring art and showing new styles for the children to express themselves. I have been coming to the class for nearly a year and Celia has covered a new artist and style each week."
— Sandra, Grace's mum
"If it wasn't for Celia I couldn't have sat my art GCSE retake exam, she really helped me. I wish she could have been my art teacher throughout secondary school."
— Poppy, age 16

Upcoming children's art classes

group of children sitting on the floor in a circle, working on paintings

Art in education

Art is important for all ages and greatly enhances what children learn in school. I have worked with educators in school, nursery and home school settings and can offer sessions, projects and regular classes that work alongside your regular curriculum.

Learn more and get in touch.

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